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We are a full-service real estate marketing agency. We create and implement marketing and advertising solutions for developers and real estate agencies to grow sales in Russian-speaking regions
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Who we are
RMAA is a cross-border marketing agency dedicated to connecting brands with Russian-speaking audience.

We help navigate cultural, linguistic & media landscape barriers to deliver your story to the Russophone audience.

Russian Speaking Market
Russia + CIS + Worldwide audience: ~258 M people
The population of Russia is about 144 million. And about 114 million Russian-speaking people live outside of Russia. If you want to promote your brand to a Russian-speaking audience, geo targeting should go beyond Russia and cover at least the CIS countries, Europe, and Asia. When building a marketing strategy at the RMAA agency, we always take this factor into account and make promotion for our clients as effective as possible.

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What We Do
Brandformance marketing solutions for real estate companies to grow sales in Russian-speaking regions
  • Lead Generation
  • Media Advertising
  • Landing Page Creation
    Consists of two parts prototype creation and web development. Page text prototype development includes page structure and copywrite: clients briefing advantages and disadvantages of the product, analytics of competitors, marketing research of audience's pains and gains.
  • Promotion Through Top Property Portals
    We cooperate with the largest Russian portals for the sale of foreign real estate such as prian, tranio and others. We help our clients choose from the possible advertising formats the most suitable for their goals and objectives: listing / special listing, banners, articles, webinars, etc.
  • PPC Search Ads
    Contextual advertising and retargeting helps to cover the instant hottest demand. We set up advertising campaigns in Yandex (on Russia, CIS and other Russian-speaking regions) and in Google (on all Russian-Speaking regions except Russia).
  • Media Buying & Planning
    We provide our real estate industry clients with media planning and comprehensive marketing strategies that leverages both online & offline real estate marketing potential.
  • Social Media Advertising
    Social media advertising is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing lead generation tools. Advertising on social media involves displaying paid social ads by using targeting specific customer demographics or sponsored content on various social media platforms, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Yandex Zen and others.
Some of Our Work
How we promoted real estate roadshow in Moscow
UAE real estate broker
Content Hub
    Guide to Foreign Real Estate Promotion in the Russian Market
    Learn how to market international properties to Russian buyers
    In our White Paper you will find answers to following questions:

    • How much have Russian foreign real estate investors spent for the last 10 years?
    • What are the most popular countries among Russians in terms of buying foreign real estate?
    • Why do Russians buy real estate abroad?
    • How can foreign real estate owners promote their offer for Russian-speaking users?
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